Creating Or Updating Your Will

A properly crafted will is the foundation for many estate plans. It ensures that your loved ones are cared for according to your wishes.

Everyone should have at least a basic will. It is also important to update your will periodically, especially after a death, divorce or remarriage, or to address substantial new assets such as a home, a business or life insurance policy.

However, a do-it-yourself will — or a will prepared by an inexperienced lawyer — may leave ambiguities and loose ends that lead to family conflicts or even litigation. The veteran estate planning attorneys of Voelkl Law PC, will create an ironclad will that covers all the scenarios, so that you have peace of mind that your wishes are clearly stated and firmly upheld. Based in Williamsville, we serve clients from all walks of life throughout Western New York.

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A Comprehensive Will That Preserves Your Wishes

Drafting a good will is about asking the right questions. From our experience in probate litigation, we are attuned to the issues that most commonly result in conflicts and challenges. Our comprehensive estate planning anticipates every scenario to make sure your estate is distributed as intended, with minimal cost and delay.

We also include companion documents such as a power of attorney, living will and health care proxy to guide your family in the event you become incapacitated prior to death. We can establish various types of trusts and other legal tools to protect your assets from taxes, creditors and probate hassles.

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