Professional Guidance Through Estate Administration And Probate

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough on an emotional level. From a legal standpoint, wrapping up your loved one’s affairs may involve numerous complicated steps.

At Voelkl Law PC of Williamsville, New York, we work to make it easier for you. We can guide you through the estate administration and probate process with the professionalism, individualized attention and care you deserve.

Why Get Legal Help?

There are countless practical reasons to have an experienced hand providing direction during these times. If you have not dealt with estates before, you soon find out that all assets are locked up until probate is completed. Bills can’t be paid from the decedent’s house. Assets must not be carted away.

The idea of being named executor of the will is unnerving for most people. “I’ll have to pay the funeral expenses! The family will be mad at me! I’m no bookkeeper!” That’s why it’s necessary to work with experienced probate lawyers to get over these bumps.

Drafting a last will and testament may seem like a simple legal action. There is nothing simple about anything in estate planning. Every detail must be taken into consideration to avoid possible litigation upon the death of an estate holder.

Benefit From Our Experience Helping Hundreds In Your Situation

We have managed probate and estate administration in hundreds of cases. This process involves:

  • Working to have the executor appointed within days, not months, of the decedent’s death
  • Opening the estate in probate court
  • Notifying heirs and would-be-heirs, setting forth the rules, so family members respect the process
  • Marshalling, valuing and liquidating assets
  • Paying bills, funeral expenses and other estate debts
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Handling tax payments and estate reports/accountings

When called upon, we represent beneficiaries or excluded heirs who have concerns about the way the process is conducted. We examine the validity of wills and codicils, missing assets, low valuations, executor impropriety, and other matters for malfeasance and misappropriation. If warranted, we can protect your interests through strategic litigation.

We also handle ancillary probate matters for out-of-state clients in cases involving real estate holdings in Western New York. Likewise, for New York clients dealing with property issues in other states, we work with a network of lawyers around the country to resolve interstate estate questions.

Learn More — No Estate Is Too Big Or Too Small

To discuss your probate situation, whether simple or complex, talk with the attorneys at Voelkl Law PC at 716-276-0803 — or describe the situation in an email.

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