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At the Williamsville law firm of Voelkl Law PC, we’re picky about the law. Standard contracts require careful examination to ensure that they align with your needs. We go over documents with a fine-toothed comb looking for mistakes that could cost you and your loved ones and their future dearly.

“There are no do-overs in estate law. The will has to be drafted and the probate matter handled to reduce or eliminate the chance for potential litigation. Trusts must be constructed to achieve the exact objective you had in mind.” Attorney Jeffrey Voelkl

If errors are not corrected before, they must be addressed in probate litigation later. We’re ready and able to litigate wills, trusts and other disputes — but disputes don’t often arise when our attorney, Jeff Voelkl, are involved in the planning stages.

There are estate lawyers whose motto is “churn and burn” — Do lots of work for the client and ring up large legal fees. Our approach is to protect clients’ interests at every stage. We say to clients: “Surround yourself with good counsel — and be ready for whatever life brings.” It’s a philosophy that has stood us in good stead, serving the people of Buffalo and Western New York.

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We know you feel helpless when a family member dies. How are you going to deal with the many tasks that need doing? Not to fear: the lawyers at Voelkl Law PC are here to help. Call us at 716-276-0803 — or use the email link to ask your questions.

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