Janice Moscicki

Janice Moscicki

Not many people can say they love doing their job. However, I can. I truly enjoy helping Administrators/Executors navigate the perils associated with Estate issues. I take great pride in being involved in the last step of someone’s legacy. As an Estate Paralegal we are one of the last people who gets to take the decedent’s life footprint and make sure that their wishes are fulfilled.

Handling Estates, I can sympathize, having been in my client’s shoes. I understand the grieving process and the stress of handling Estates first hand. Being a Genealogist, my background comes in handy when having to deal with heirship cases within the court system for Intestate Estates.

Born and raised in WNY. I started my legal career in 2008 as a Medicaid Project Manager and quickly became Estate Paralegal within 6 months. I have an AAS Degree in Business Administration, Accountant Technician Certification, and BS Degree in Business Management; all from SUNY. I am a member of the Bar Association of Erie County, WNY Paralegal Association, National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Alpha Beta Gama, National Society of Genealogists, and American Institution of Professional Bookkeepers.

I am a mother of 2 adult children, 3 fur babies, and have an amazing husband. My hobbies include Genealogy Research, gardening, traveling, taking car rides for the day, and trying new restaurants. My all- time favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends.

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