Strategic Use Of Trusts In Your New York Estate Plan

Trusts are an important estate planning and asset protection tool. For example, a trust bypasses the expense and delay of probate and allows your heirs to inherit directly. With experienced legal counsel, trusts can serve many purposes.

The law firm of Voelkl Law PC, PC, can help you protect your estate and provide for your family through the sophisticated use of trusts. We customize these instruments to fit your goals and your circumstances. Located in Buffalo, we provide comprehensive estate planning in Erie County and throughout Western New York.

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Buffalo Trust Attorneys Who Know Estate Planning

A trust places assets outside of your estate, often through a “pour-over” provision in your will. Our knowledgeable lawyers are familiar with the applications and nuances of many types of trusts, from revocable living trusts (“family trusts”) to irrevocable life insurance trusts and other advanced asset protection strategies.

We will help you clarify your wishes regarding your estate and your legacy, and we will explain in plain English how different trusts can accomplish your goals such as:

  • Shielding family wealth from creditors
  • Keeping an inheritance out of the hands of in-laws
  • Avoiding or minimizing estate taxes
  • Providing for an adult child with disabilities and special needs
  • Paying for college
  • Creating an income stream
  • Attaching stipulations to inheritance
  • Leaving money for charity
  • Avoiding probate and streamlining succession

Custom Solutions From Western New York Trusts Attorneys

Wills, trusts and supporting estate planning documents should be individualized to your family and your wishes. From our background in estate litigation, we can help clients anticipate unforeseen scenarios in establishing trusts as part of an overall estate and tax planning strategy.

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