Powers Of Attorney

Who Will Manage Your Personal Affairs?

The rest of world keeps turning when a person becomes incapacitated by injury, illness or dementia. There will be routine matters such as paying the bills as well as pressing matters that would require your decision, action or signature.

At Voelkl Law PC, PC, we help clients establish a durable power of attorney as part of an overall estate plan. Power of attorney grants authority to a family member or trusted friend to act in your stead regarding your financial, business and personal affairs.

Our Buffalo law firm serves a diverse clientele in Erie County and surrounding counties of Western New York. We offer comprehensive but affordable estate planning services that help you and your appointed representative anticipate issues to protect your interests when you are not able to manage them yourself.

Buffalo Attorneys For Powers Of Attorney In Estate Planning

A durable power of attorney gives control to your spouse, sibling, parent, adult child, family friend or other designated person. It typically kicks in after you are deemed physically incapacitated or mentally incompetent, but you can also choose to cede power of attorney while you are still in fair health and in control of your faculties.

Our experienced lawyers carefully draft powers of attorney to ensure that your best interests are served. We can restrict the powers only to bank accounts and bills, for example, or extend them universally to your concerns as a business partner, property owner, investor, parent or party to litigation. In other words, we customize it to your wishes, your worries and your circumstances. We also recommend a separate power of attorney for health care (health care proxy) to govern medical decisions on your behalf.

Preventing And Punishing Power Of Attorney Abuse

Voelkl Law PC has litigated many cases in which the person entrusted to watch over a client’s affairs was siphoning funds or otherwise found to be in breach of fiduciary duty. We are often called in to investigate these claims and we can take action to rescind power of attorney and recover any ill-gotten gains.

We include language in the drafting of powers of attorney to prevent such abuses, and we provide counsel to both the grantor and the recipient to educate them about the obligations, the terms and the limitations to avoid running afoul of the agreement.

New York Durable Power Of Attorney

Our years of experience in litigation and drafting of wills enables us to protect clients as fully as possible while also giving clear direction to the person who is appointed to handle our client’s personal affairs. We invite you to call Voelkl Law PC at 716-276-0803 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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