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Health Care Proxies And Advance Directives

Although it is uncomfortable to talk about, your estate plan must address issues such as catastrophic injury, dementia and end-of-life care. The knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers of Voelkl Law PC, PC, can walk you through these important discussions to put your wishes in writing and spare your loved ones from wrenching decisions.

We help our clients draft both a health care proxy and a living will to guide doctors and your loved ones in the event of your incapacity or terminal condition. Based in Buffalo, we provide comprehensive estate planning services in Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and surrounding counties of Western New York. Arrange a consultation today.

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Buffalo Living Will Lawyers: What Are Your Wishes For End-Of-Life Care?

There are two essential documents regarding your care when you are unable to make decisions for yourself:

  • A health care proxy (also known as health care power of attorney) appoints a trusted person in advance to make medical decisions on your behalf such as authorization for surgery or resuscitation. It could be a spouse, an adult child, a sibling or another family member. A health care proxy and HIPAA release avoids delay in medical treatment and allows loved ones to access your medical records.
  • A living will (also known as an advance directive) expresses your wishes regarding end-of-life care and death with dignity. Which life support or “heroic measures” would you want? Do you want your organs donated? Do you want to be sedated at the end or do you want to be lucid? Do you want your family present when you pass? Do you want religious last rites? And so on.

A separate durable power of attorney addresses control of your financial and legal affairs if you are physically or mentally incapacitated, eliminating the need for an intrusive and expensive Article 81 guardianship proceeding.

Western New York Health Care Proxy Lawyers

Our role is to help you anticipate different scenarios and express your wishes in the clearest terms. We carefully draft these documents so that medical professionals can take action and so that your loved ones are not forced to guess your wishes and make agonizing choices.

To discuss your will, your health care considerations and all aspects of estate planning, call Voelkl Law PC at 716-276-0803 or contact us online to arrange an initial consultation.

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