The Key To Successful Real Estate Closings

What is the most critical factor in a successful closing? What, more than anything else, makes for a signing that is proper and on track?

We believe it is something that occurs way before the closing, having a savvy real estate attorney available and involved. A lawyer who looks down the road and spots issues, and steps in early to address them, clears away obstacles in advance of the closing.

How do most closings work? The realtor presents a draft of a contract at the closing, and the lawyer says, “Hold on, this clause is unacceptable to our side.”

And a “done deal” is postponed, or canceled altogether.

But change the order. Have the attorney review the contract weeks before the closing. Identify problems and oversights early, instead of at the last moment. No one minds making adjustments when there is time to consider matters carefully, and no hurry-up pressure to sign.

Realtors may not agree with this idea, at first. They are accustomed to using standard contracts when closing on a house. “The lawyers can sort it out later,” is often their attitude. But fixing the contract now is always a better idea than putting off changes till the last minute.

When contracts sail through because of this extra level of care, realtors quickly see the value of foresight.

Successful Closings For Buffalo Homebuyers And Sellers

At Voelkl Law PC, we work hard to be deal- makers, not deal- breakers. We believe the key to successful real estate closings is an early start, and a proactive approach. For more ideas on successful closings in Western New York, talk to our Williamsville attorneys at 716-276-0803, or write us your questions using this online form.

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